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Raw Materials

We offer a wide range of raw materials for all your cleaning needs.


Pure Acetone Spirit. Very effective when used for the cleaning of tools and brushes.


Ideal for heavy duty cleaning this CAUSTIC SODA PEARL is great for unblocking external drains and pipes.
Can also be used for cleaning pathways, driveways and exterior buildings.


CITRIC ACID as a raw material ideal for use as a disinfectant if diluted correctly.




Distilled Water

Distilled water has been mechanically filtered or processed to remove impurities

HAVOK - Drain Cleaner

An inhibited sulphuric acid based product designed to quickly clear blockages in drains caused by grease, hair, soap, sanitary towels, paper and other organic substances.
This product can be used for cleaning organic blockages in toilets, drains, showers, sinks, etc

Hydrochloric Acid 36%

36.2% Hydrochloric Acid

Isopropanol 99.7%
Methylene Chloride
Odourless Kerosine
Orthophosphoric Acid
P.E.G - Polyethylene Glycol
our exclusive range of cleaning products


Continuous research and development ensures our range of professional automotive cleaning products are the best in the business whether you are a distributor, valet or end user.


Simple Solutions are a leading manufacturer of professional industrial cleaning chemicals. Our concentration on creating chemicals that work first time every time makes us the right choice for you.

Raw Materials

We offer a wide range of raw materials for all your cleaning needs.

Containers & Sprayers

We supply a range of containers and sprayers from 500ml up to 1000L

Paper Products

We offer a wide range of paper products suitable for any application

Washroom Services

Our all-female team are fully trained and DBS (CRB) verified, we service your bins on-site using a quick and discreet sanitary collection and disposal service.