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Simple Solutions are a leading manufacturer of professional industrial cleaning chemicals. Our concentration on creating chemicals that work first time every time makes us the right choice for you.

5% Liquid Bleach

Traditional liquid bleach for sanitising and stain removal. Fresh smelling and effective when used as a cleaner or disinfectant. For use in drains, floors, toilets, sinks and for general disinfection and cleaning.

ABSOLUTE - Total Sanitisation Formula - Microbiological & Algicidal

Specially formulated concentrated germicidal cleaner that is certied to BS EN 1276 with a kill time of only 30 seconds and is effective against both pathogenic and spoilage bacteria.
Cleans, degreases and sanitises in one operation. Odourless and non-tainting,
biodegradable, phosphate free and safe to use on aluminium

ALUBRIGHT - Aluminium Brightener & Restorer

ALUBRIGHT is a blend of acids and powerful cleaning agents designed to loosen and remove accumulations of oxides, exhaust stains, industrial fallout, road films and general grime from aluminium surfaces.

Specially formulated for instant restoration with minimum labour costs. ALUBRIGHT has special inhibitors to prevent the re-oxidising of aluminium for longer periods.

AMPHOS - Food Grade Metal Cleaner & Descaler

AMPHOS is an efficiently inhibited acid and non-ionic wetting agent speciffcally designed for cleaning and descaling of most common metals and painted surfaces.

ANTI-BAC OLYMPIA - Bactericidal Washing Up Detergent

A highly concentrated mild, long lasting foam perfect for dish washing by hand.
Contains antibacterial agents to clean and sanitise cutlery, crockery and glass ware and leaves behind a fresh Lemon fragrance. Tested to BS EN 1276

ANTI-FOAM - Anti-Foaming Agent

An anti-foaming agent that is highly effective, works at ppm concentrations
Outstanding versatility, effective in most foaming systems.
Extremely stable, both on storage and in the foaming system itself
Supplied in a easy to use emulsion form

AROMA CHERRY - Concentrated Air Sanitiser & Freshener

AROMA is an effective air sanitiser and freshener that is effective and immediately reducing offensive odour.
Extremely long lasting and harmless to people and warm blooded pets.

Beer Pump & Line Cleaner

Cleans, sweetens beer pumps and pipelines by simple soaking.
Suitable for both pressurised dispensing equipment and traditional hand pumps.

Effective steriliser ensures beer keeps in top condition.
Completely odourless and taint free.

BILGE SWEET - Deodoriser Fluid for Odour Control

Formulated with a strong pear drop fragrance to be extremely economical in the eradication of
offensive odours. Food grade ingredients mean safe use and low toxicity and will not impair enzymes,
drains or settling tanks.

BIO DRAIN - Enzymatic Drain Solution

A powerful blend of specially selected enzymes and micro-organisms efficiently and
safely degrade and digest sticky, greasy waste evacuated into drainage systems, causing
blockages. Improves flow rates and prevents odour problems in drains, grease traps, septic
systems and sewage treatment facilities.
Regular use establishes bacterial colonies that work continually.

BIO-MASK - Concentrated Deodorising Fluid

BIO-MASK is a fully biodegradable blend of perfumes and oils formulated to allow customers to self mix with other detergents or water at high dilutions where unpleasant odours are a nuisance. BIO-MASK is a neutral non-toxic, non-flammable product.

BIO-SAN - Sanitary Ware Descaler & Cleaner

BIO-SAN is a blend of controlled acidic descalers powerful disinfectants and fragrant essences, which are safe to use on ceramic, plastic, acrylic, stainless steel, chrome, copper, glass and plastics. Contains no hydrochloric acid or bleach. Corrosion inhibited and will not attack clothing.

BLU-IT - Concentrated Perfumed Chemical Toilet Additive

BLU-IT is a perfumed sanitary fluid for all chemical toilets, waste tanks and cassettes. Long lasting and
containing special additives to assist with cleaning of the container.
Biodegradable and contains strong germ kill and odour preventative properties.

BOOM - High Active Disinfectant & Deodoriser

An extremely versatile product that combines efficient cleaning and degreasing with a wide spectrum of activity as a virucide, bactericide, fungicide and deodorant. When used at the recommended
dilution it will remove a wide range of soilage including body fats and oils, which may harbour germs, representing a potential health hazard.


Available in : 1L, 5L, 25L as a concentrate

Available in: 750ml as a ready to use trigger spray.

BURST - Cranberry Air & Fabric Freshener

BURST delivers the ultimate in high discharge odour neutralising power providing a fruity, long lasting
cranberry fragrance.
The advanced dry formula allows use as a fabric freshener also.


Ideal for heavy duty cleaning this CAUSTIC SODA PEARL is great for unblocking external drains and pipes.
Can also be used for cleaning pathways, driveways and exterior buildings.

CHLORASAN - Chlorinated Detergent Sanitiser & Tannin Remover

CHLORASAN is a strong detergent sanitiser for general plant cleaning and sanitising in the brewing, soft drinks, dairy, food & fishing industry formulated for the cleaning and sanitising of beer
storage tanks and lines, road tankers, beer dispensing equipment, mixing vessels in food and soft drink industry.


CITRIC ACID as a raw material ideal for use as a disinfectant if diluted correctly.




CITRUS Channel Blocks

Non pDCB urinal blocks with a fresh citrus fragrance. Maintains, cleans, urinal traps and pipes whilst being water friendly and more environmentally friendly.
Helps control limescale

CLEAN AIR - Natural Air Freshener

CLEAN AIR is formulated from essential natural oils to improve ease of breathing in confined spaces.
It will also freshen the air and eliminate smells.

CONCROSEAL - Semi-Permanent Floor Seal

Semi permanent base coat that penetrates, levels and protects porous floors such as concrete,
marble, terrazzo and other porous stone floors

DEO - Deodorising Room Spray

A powerful concentrated odour counteractant that contains a high perfume content leaving a long lasting fragrance that
deals with odours at the source.


Available in fragrances - Fresh Linen, Citrus Zest & Juicy Cranberry

DI-ALGAE - Algae, Moss & Lichen Remover

Surface biocide and wood preservative for use against algae, mosses, lichen, wood rotting fungae and moulds on external surfaces such as glass, plastic, UPVC, tarmac, thatch, timber walkways, masonry, synthetic construction materials.

DRIPS - Machine Glass / Dishwash Detergent

A high active concentrated liquid detergent, for use in automatic dishwashing machines
providing outstanding cleaning and economy in use. Safe for both hard and soft water areas.
DRIPS efficiently removes tannins and food stains whilst cleaning and maintaining the


EUCALYPTUS SAUNA MILK is manufactured from essential oils of Eucalyptus formulated for the use in
saunas & steam rooms where the quality of water steam and air are of vital importance. Leaves a fresh clean
relaxing aroma that has a unique calming effect

EXPEL - Carpet & Upholstery Spot & Stain Remover

Removes spots and stains from carpets and upholstery.
EXPEL can be used as a single solution or as a pre-spray treatment prior to extraction cleaning.

FACTOR 1 - Bactericidal Hand Wash Lotion

FACTOR 1 is a non perfumed bactericidal washing cream with outstanding skin care properties to
prevent drying and cracking of the skin. Specifically designed to be effective in hard and soft water areas.

FACTOR 2 - Powerful Hand Cleaning Poly-Soap

FACTOR 2 incorporates poly-beads into a liquid soap using the natural oils of lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit.
Completely SOLVENT FREE with rinse-o ability faster than any other conventional soap,

Comes with syphon pump for easy dispensing

FACTOR 5 - Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner with Polythene Beads

FACTOR 5 is a formulation combining POWER with SAFETY for hand cleaning incorporating polythene beads with the
natural oil extracted from orange peel.
FACTOR 5 is safe fast remover of tar underseal, bitumen, heavy soils, household paints, grease, ground in
grime, carbon and most tacky hard to remove surfaces

FLF 91 - Industrial Strength Degreaser

FLF 91 is a water soluble product containing a caustic alkaline for use through a foaming lance or similar equipment. It generates a thick clinging foam which enables the product to adhere to vertical surfaces allowing longer contact time. FLF 91 is based on quaternary ammonium compound which will kill gram positive and gram negative bacteria on contact.

FLOOR GUARD - Shining Surface Sealer

FLOOR GUARD is designed to give brilliant, long lasting shine where appearances and ease of maintenance are required.
FLOOR GUARD is recommended for use on vinyl, linoleum, rubber, thermoplastic, vinyl asbestos, sealed wood, asphalt and cork floors.

FLOOR GUARD EQUALISER - Rinse Free Neutral Floor Cleaner

A superb, fully built Neutral cleaner which is pH7 in all concentrations. Requires no rinsing
after use and dries to leave a film-free, zero residue clean surface on floors, walls and
paintwork. FGE ideal for neutralising floors following stripping or ice melting residue
prior to application of polish or seal. FGE contains no perfume or Butyl Cellosolve and
therefore can be used in food processing or handling areas.

FLOOR GUARD STRIPPER - Rinse Free Stripper

A fast acting rinse-free stripper that leaves no lm or residue. It is ideal for sensitive floors (i.e Linoleum).
Use to remove Floor waxes (i.e Carnuba), Floor polishes (i.e Acrylic, Styrene, Polymers, Copolymers, Oligomers) Metal cross linked, Floor sealers (i.e Acrylic, Water based urethane).

GERMASOL - Total Sanitising Formula

GERMASOL is a non toxic total sanitising detergent, invaluable in the control of surface bacteria giving immediate and lasting protection against germs and oensive odours. Its powerful detergent acts to remove dirt and grime safely.
GERMASOL cleans, disinfects and deodorises all washable surfaces and materials leaving behind
a fresh lemon fragrance. Protects against the spread of infection and germs, effectively kills
gram positive and gram negative bacteria.

GERMINUS / FINESSE - Gentle Perfumed Bactericidal Cleaner + Air Deodorising Disinfectant

GERMINUS/FINESSE has been specially developed to control airborne and surface bacteria and at the same time
gives a full deodorisation providing a long lasting protection against the spread of communicable germs and
offensive odours, thus reducing the risk of cross infection

GREASAN - Food Processing Cleaner

GREASAN F.P.C. is a highly concentrated powerful alkaline detergent that removes the heaviest
oils, grease and protein based soiling. Ideal for cleaning greasy floors, walls and worktops found in kitchens and food processing equipment.
Free-rinsing and taint free.

HAND SOMA - Antiseptic Heavy Duty Skin Cleaner & Conditioner

HAND SOMA is a blend of concentrated skin cleansing agents with outstanding conditioning and skin care properties.
Designed to dissolve and emulsify carbon grime, ink and oils. HAND SOMA has an effective bactericidal agent and
can be used for all over body washing and bathing.

HANDY - Barrier Cream

HANDY has been developed to help protect against dermatitis and other skin irritants. HANDY forms an invisible
greaseless lm on the skin, which prevents irritation from acids, alkalis, resins and plastics and will not leave grease residue on pre clean surfaces.
Helps to keep hands soft and subtle and after work cleaning becomes much easier.

HAVOK - Drain Cleaner

An inhibited sulphuric acid based product designed to quickly clear blockages in drains caused by grease, hair, soap, sanitary towels, paper and other organic substances.
This product can be used for cleaning organic blockages in toilets, drains, showers, sinks, etc

HI-CHLOR - Thickened Bleach

HICHLOR THICKENED BLEACH for sanitising and stain removal. Fresh smelling and effective when used as a
cleaner or disinfectant. Leaves areas germ free & sparkling clean

HI-TECH - Glass & Mirror Cleaner

HI-TECH is a non abrasive, ready to use clear blue fluid with specially selected materials which provide rapid, streak-free cleaning. Use on all windows (inside and out), mirrors, showcases and decorative glassware.
Removes dirt and grime, exhaust fumes, nicotine, finger marks & lipstick.

HYPO-8 - 15% Sodium Hypochlorite

Fresh smelling and effective when used as a cleaner and general disinfectant.
Recommended to use this product neat for disinfection of drains and toilets, for general disinfection and cleaning.

LITTLE GEM - Liquid All In One Cleaner & Polish

LITTLE GEM has been formulated to clean & polish a wide range of surfaces such as leather, vinyl, plastic, rubber, fibreglass, wood, metal, glass, paintwork and many other surfaces.

LUSTRE - Lemon Floor Gel

This fresh clean, lemon odoured floor cleaner is the ideal maintainer for
polished floors and damp mopping solution for all surfaces, removing dirt
and heel marks with ease. Extremely economical in use, burnished readily
to a slip resistant shine, perfect for spray cleaning.

MAINTAIN - Neutral pH Floor Maintainer

Neutral pH. A bright blue, free flowing liquid with a refreshing mint fragrance which
cleans, revives and maintains floors to a high standard, removes general soiling, scuff
marks etc and restores the glossy finish. It provides a great wearing resistance for
polishes and an anti-slip finish without powdering.
The product has low impact on the environment.

MANPOWER / COMMONSENSE - Liquid Elbow Grease

MANPOWER/COMMONSENSE is recommended for the removal of creosote, dyes, grease, ink, mildew, solidified oils and carbon residue from all washable surfaces including vinyl, leather
and fabrics. Ideal for use in food establishments and the brewery industry as product is totally odour free and non tainting. Also exceptional at removal of bloom and silicone from car bodies

OLYMPIA - Lemon Washing Up Detergent

A highly concentrated manual dishwash detergent with a fresh lemon fragrance that produces rich long
lasting suds.
Formulated for the rapid penetration, emulsication and dispersion of heavy grease and soiling.

ONE UP - Heavy Duty Carpet / Upholstery Cleaner

ONE-UP has been developed for use through all hot and cold water extraction cleaning machines and incorporates an excellent fabric brightener, bactericide and anti foam. A highly effective carpet cleaner disinfectant for removing urine and body fluid odours completely and permanently.

P-WAVE - Urinal Deodoriser

Releases benecial bacteria to keep drains clear. Tiny bristles on each pad prevents splash back, keeping toilet area cleaner.
Keeps urinals smelling fresh and will last for 30 days!

PEARLY PINK - Moisturising Hand & Body Wash

PEARLY PINK is a mild and gentle hand soap that produces a rich, deep cleansing lather. Mild enough for daily use yet strong
enough to remove grease and grime from the dirtiest of hands.
Suitable for alll skin types.


PEPPERMINT SAUNA MILK is manufactured from essential oils of Peppermint formulated for the use in
saunas & steam rooms where the quality of water steam and air are of vital importance. Leaves a fresh
clean relaxing aroma that has a unique calming effect.

POW - Air Sanitiser & Deodoriser

POW is a ready to use long lasting air sanitising spray that is also a deodoriser. Contains bactericidal and viricidal properties
and is harmless to people and warm blooded animals.

Available in fragrances - Apple Blossom, Angel, Baby Powder, Clean Cotton, Eternity, Santilly

QUICK DIP / CPS - Cold Dip Tank, Nylon & Acrylic Stripper

This heavy duty stripper quickly and easily strips surface coatings and process residues
completely with no scraping necessary.
Use cold with a water seal in a polypropylene dip tank.
Ideal for the removal of paints, resins, grease, carbon and rubber from metallic components

QUIETUS - Total Weed Destroyer

QUIETUS contains glyphosate for effective control of annual and deep-rooted perennial garden weeds, including grasses, docks, nettles, willowherb, dandelion, bindweed and many more.
QUIETUS is inactivated on contact with the soil and is broken down by soil organisms to leave no lasting residues.

RE-HIDE-DRATE - Self Activating Leather Cleaner

RE-HIDE-DRATE is a selected blend of the finest quality leather conditioners and protectors, formulated to give a fast penetrating conditioning food to all leathers - i.e. Leather car interiors - leather jackets - leather suites, including motorcycle suits and leather furniture.

REPEEL EXTRA - Extra Strong Industrial Paint Remover

REPEEL EXTRA is an industrial grade paint remover that will easily strip enamel, paints, shellac, varnish, rubber, residues, carbon deposits and adhesives from metals, timber, plaster,
masonry, concrete, glass and aluminium.

RIP OFF - Clinging Oven Cleaner

A highly aggressive oven cleaner gel formulated to remove baked on deposits and carbon from
ovens and grills. The thickened gel / foam clings to vertical surfaces ensuring maximum contact
time for improved cleaning performance. It is a low odour, non-tainting product.
Available as a concentrated gel or a ready to use foam, Both give fantastic cleaning and clinging

Available in 5L, 20L - Concentrate
Available in 750ML - Ready to use



Sanitising Surface Wipes

A disposable wet wipe impregnated with a blend of biocides. The extra strength formulation tackles most bacteria, fungi and viruses. Tested to EN1276, 1040, 13727, 1275 and 1650 so ideal for use in medical and food industries

SCALEX - Corrosion and Descaling Cleaner

SCALEX is a safe acid based descaling cleaner which removes algae, concrete, corrosion, mineral deposits, rust and scum from a variety of surfaces. Contains a special rust inhibitor. Safe on most paints and finishes, and is easy on the hands.

SCIMITAR / COOL TIP - Silicone Lubricant

SCIMITAR / COOLTIP is a non-toxic silicone lubricant low-odour and non-staining for use where reduced
friction and static is required.
Stable over a wide temperature range.

SHADES - Air Freshener

SHADES AIR FRESHENER is a quick and effective way to freshen any area instantly. The aerosol acts as both an air
freshener and an odour neutraliser and leaves behing a pleasant long lasting aroma.


Available in - Marine Breeze, Citrus Squeeze & Summer Flowers

STERILANT - General Hand Disinfectant / Surgical Wipe

STERILANT is a single stage sterilising agent, formulated to prevent cross infection when handling laboratory and
medical items. In catering and food processing establishments, where it eliminates continual requirements for
handwashing whilst handling cooked and uncooked produce

Strong Green Pine - Pine Fragrance Disinfectant

SGP is a general purpose disinfectant with a fresh, clean Pine fragrance.
Effective against a range of pathogenic organisms which is safe and non-tainting. For the general
disinfection of floors, lavatories and walls in schools, nursing homes, offices,
vets, medical centres and factories etc.

STS 120 - Epoxy Stripper & Graffiti Remover

STS120 is a special formulation of solvents that will soften and swell cured
epoxy resins, allowing the removal of  encapsulations from high value components & circuits to assist
reclamation. STS120 will also remove unwanted glue, resins and paint from floors, brick walls, concrete, metal, wood and stone.

SWIRL AUTO - Machine Dishwash Rinse Aid

SWIRL AUTO is safe for use in all types of dishwashing machines, disperses easily, reduces surface tension, eliminates spotting and decreases drying time without streaking. Suitable for use in both soft and hard water areas.
Very economical in use.

TASKMASTER - Penetrant, Lubricant & Dismantling Fluid

TASK MASTER is a special formula designed to penetrate every bit of rust, scale and corrosion and may be used
under all weather conditions. It can be sprayed upwards to penetrate overhead bolts and unaccessible areas
due to its terric capillary reaction.

TERMIN-8 - High Efficiency Hard Surface Disinfectant Sanitiser

Termin-8 is an environmental steriliser treatment centering its safety aspects towards the food & health industry for the eradication of bacteria,fungi, spores, viruses& algae. Broad spectrum of activity without specific deficiencies against the vegetative forms of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria as well as mildew and fungi. High efficiency in large amounts of organic matter such as blood protein. At least 3 times higher than conventional quaternaries

THOR - Concentrated Germicidal Bowl & Toilet Cleaner

THOR is a germicidal bowl and toilet cleaner concentrate, fast acting, kills germs, deodorises and
removes limescale in one action.

TSB - Total Surface Brightener

T.S.B is ideal for rapid cleaning and polishing of all stainless steel, chrome,
aluminium, laminates and enamel.

Tygris HW111 - Engineers Dual Textured Hand Wipes

Tygris HW111 dual textured wipes quickly and effectively remove contaminants such as Oil, Grease, Ink and Petrol from hands, tools, machinery and similar interior and exterior surfaces.


Available in tubs of 110 wipes

UN DO - Chewing Gum Remover

For removing chewing gum from a variety of surfaces:
• Floor tiles, wood, vinyl, lino
• Carpets and upholstery
• Fabrics
Also effective at removing:
• Sticky tape residue and sticky labels
• Black scuff marks from oor surfaces and doors

VICTORY - Single Stage & UPVC Cleaning Solvent

VICTORY is a new single stage degreasing solvent formulated to replace hazardous solvents
such as III Trichloroethane when used for manual degreasing to remove oils, grease, glue, silicone,
ink, marker pen and paint from metal, UPVC and non-porous surfaces.

VIRGO - Rich Spray On Furniture Polish

VIRGO is a formula spray cleaning polish designed for fast maintenance on all types of furnishing.
VIRGO cleans, revives, polishes and protects all in one easy operation

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Simple Solutions are a leading manufacturer of professional industrial cleaning chemicals. Our concentration on creating chemicals that work first time every time makes us the right choice for you.

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