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Continuous research and development ensures our range of professional automotive cleaning products are the best in the business whether you are a distributor, valet or an end user.

Absorb - Absorbent Roll

A strong and non abrasive, ideal for a variety of wiping applications, low linting and very absobent.

Strong wet or dry - Can hold up to 5 times its own weight in water.


6 rolls per pack

AIR FRESH - Vehicle Air Fresheners
  • A variety pack of Vehicle Air Fresheners
  • Brisk, clean odour killing scents
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Ideal for car, home and office
  • Bright and eye catching colour
  • Comes in a pack of 25
Alloy Brush

Economy Alloy Wash Brush Soft Synthetic Bristles With Plastic Body To Prevent Damage To Car Alloys

ALU-MINATE - Industrial Strength Polish

ALU-MINATE is an industrial strength cleaner, polisher and protector of metals. Produces a
fantastic shine coupled with great cleaning and protecting capabilities

ALUBRIGHT - Aluminium Brightener & Restorer

ALUBRIGHT is a blend of acids and powerful cleaning agents designed to loosen and remove accumulations of oxides, exhaust stains, industrial fallout, road films and general grime from aluminium surfaces.

Specially formulated for instant restoration with minimum labour costs. ALUBRIGHT has special inhibitors to prevent the re-oxidising of aluminium for longer periods.

AROMA CHERRY - Concentrated Air Sanitiser & Freshener

AROMA is an effective air sanitiser and freshener that is effective and immediately reducing offensive odour.
Extremely long lasting and harmless to people and warm blooded pets.

AUTO GLOW - Wash & Wax with Space Age Wax

AUTO GLOW is a new formulation incorporating a concentrated car shampoo and liquid space age waxing agent, designed to remove stubborn stains and road film easily with minimum effort.

AUTO GLOW contains Carnauba Wax, one of the hardest natural waxes know to man, which means it
gives superior protection and a truly perfect finish without buffing and restores even old

BACK TO LIFE - Long Life Rubber Cleaner / Restorer (Sovent Based)

BACK TO LIFE is a solvent based versatile long-life tyre treatment, formulated to restore a smooth
original appearance to tyres and exterior plastics. BACK TO LIFE will leave behind a
water-resistant longer-lasting shine. BACK TO LIFE will not damage new or freshly
painted areas. New GREEN formulation has made it workshop safe.

BACK TO LIFE - Long Life Rubber Cleaner / Restorer (Water Based)

BACK TO LIFE is a water based versatile long-life tyre treatment, formulated to restore a smooth
original appearance to tyres and exterior plastics. BACK TO LIFE will leave behind a
water-resistant longer-lasting shine. BACK TO LIFE will not damage new or freshly
painted areas. Water based formulation has made it workshop safe.

BACK UP - Paint De-oxidising & Renovating Wax

Paint de-oxidising and renovating wax for bloomed and faded paint work back to their original shine.

BLACK DYE - Black Impregnating Coating

BLACK DYE is a special formulation for faded black plastic, giving new life and a new look to bumpers and trim

BLAST - Traffic Film Remover

BLAST is an effective economic car and body wash detergent designed to be used with hot or cold pressure washers, brush wash equipment and manual spraying.

BUG BUSTER - Fastnet Sponge

 A highly absorbent sponge wrapped in a mesh bag. Provides abrasive cleaning performance without damaging the surface. Ideal for getting dead flies and bugs off vehicle exteriors.

CARB CLEANER - Cleans Stubborn Deposits & Improves Engine Performance

A strong solvent based cleaner used for the removal of oil, grease and stubborn gum deposits from carburettors and injection systems. Suitable also for cleaning brake parts and automatic chokes without dismantling in order to prevent stalling and to smooth out rough idling.

CHAMOIS - Chamois Leather

Dries surfaces fast for that extra finishing touch. Strong synthetic wash leather for multi-purpose use on windows and glass.

CHAUFFEURS EDGE - Total System Wax

CHAUFFEUR’S EDGE is a new concept in wax polish - based on long success in the USA and
Canada, brought about by the latest changes in the paint regulations that are now in effect in the
European Community

CLEAN SCREEN - Commercial Vehicle Screenwash

CLEAN-SCREEN is designed to remove flies, traffic film etc, from windscreens.
Prevent night glare and daytime haze.

Has excellent anti-freeze properties for winter conditions. At the correct dilution will work to temperatures as low as -46ºc.

CONTRACT - Car Dashboard Cleaner

Specially formulated to restore and add a showroom like finish to vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces.
Can be used to give shine to external plastics.

CONTRACT - Vehicle Shampoo

CONTRACT was formulated for washing vehicles by hand. This versatile, body shop approved,
highly concentrated shampoo quickly removes soil and traffic film from vehicles, leaving behind a new
car look and shine.

DEO - Deodorising Room Spray

A powerful concentrated odour counteractant that contains a high perfume content leaving a long lasting fragrance that
deals with odours at the source.


Available in fragrances - Fresh Linen, Citrus Zest & Juicy Cranberry

DYCE - Ice & Snow Eliminator

DYCE is an effective blend of fast acting ice and snow melting chemicals specially designed for commercial applications. Is non corrosive and does not harm rubber or paintwork. Ideal for use on external windows, windscreen and lock de-icing on cars, trucks, and buses. Also effective
on freezer machines and air conditioner units.


ELECTRICAL DEGREASER is a non-residual, quick drying electrical equipment cleaner which safely
dissolves away oil and grease from most surfaces

ELITE - Vehicle Wash

ELITE is a highly concentrated special formulation of heavy duty penetrating, emulsifying and suspending agents, blended together to produce a non caustic extremely powerful cleaning
fluid that enables swift removal of stubborn traffic film dirt, oil and other particles.

EXEL - Microfibre Cloths

EXEL Microfibre Cloths for Amazing Smear Free Wiping.

Wash again and again without losing quality of the cloth

EXPEL - Carpet & Upholstery Spot & Stain Remover

Removes spots and stains from carpets and upholstery.
EXPEL can be used as a single solution or as a pre-spray treatment prior to extraction cleaning.

FLEXI BLADES - Hydra Flexi Blades
  • Dry your car in half the time with Hydra Flexi Blade.
  • T-Bar edge moulds to the contours of your vehicle
  • 100's of uses around the home, wipe shower walls, worktops marble and glass.
  • Blade length 310mm.
  • 1 per pack


FLUNKS - Large Hydro Sham

These genuine chamois leathers are a superior professional product.

Each one is hand picked and graded to ensure that only the finest and softest skins are selected. Super soft and absorbent they are perfect for the car wash industry.

Comes with a hard plastic case to keep it clean between usage.





FOOT MATS - Disposable paper car foot mats

FOOT MATS  disposable floor mats are the ideal solution to prevent the floor of your vehicle from becoming dirty, muddy or stained.

Universally sized to fit all foot wells 

Come in packs of 250

FROZEN - Liquid De-Icer

FROZEN quickly clears frost from car windows.
Easy to use trigger spray for spot application.
Prevents re-freezing.

G FORCE - Single Stage Heavy Duty Cutting Cream

G-FORCE is a new conception in cutting creams. A superior rapid grade formulation for paintwork that is harder for an increase cutting action

HI-TECH - Glass & Mirror Cleaner

HI-TECH is a non abrasive, ready to use clear blue fluid with specially selected materials which provide rapid, streak-free cleaning. Use on all windows (inside and out), mirrors, showcases and decorative glassware.
Removes dirt and grime, exhaust fumes, nicotine, finger marks & lipstick.


Extra large Jumbo Sponge manufactured with tough foam, ideal for washing of vehicle vehicles. Comes shrink wrapped.

LANCE - Heavy Plant Detergent

LANCE is a mild alkaline heavy duty detergent, designed for rapid removal of oils and grease from engines, chassis and heavy plant machinery.
LANCE is fully biodegradable and performs superbly in hard, soft and salt

MICRO GLASS - Micro fibre glass cloths
  • Large Soft Glass Cleaning Cloth.
  • Fine waffle weave construction
  • Engineered for cleaning glass
  • Machine washable
MUCK OFF 2000 - Trans-Port-Wash

MUCK OFF 2000 is a powerful Alkaline Traffic Film Remover for use via a hot or cold pressure washer - Scrubbing Machines - Brush Washing manually or mechanically.
Available with added foaming agents for a deeper clean or available with
added shine for that showroom finish.

MVC - Car Cleaning All Rounder

MVC is the ultimate Car Cleaning All-Rounder.
This universal highly concentrated, non caustic, multi purpose cleaner ideal and effective on all car hard surfaces, painted surfaces, wheels, tyres and dashboards.

N.E.D - Non-emulsifiable Degreaser & De-waxer

N.E.D is a selected blend of solvents formulated for use in confined areas, and where oil separators are
in operation. N.E.D can be used manually or through hot pressure washers for degreasing or

NACA LACA - Upholstery & Fittings Renovator

NACA-LACA is a quick drying application for the enhancement and protection of vinyl, plastic and
rubber ttings and furnishings.
Excellent on tyres if applied with a small paintbrush


NO SMELL is a highly effective odour absorber, effective on dog smells, sick, tobacco, spilt milk,
food, urine and all unwanted odours.
Available with fragrances CK or Fresh Lemon.
Alternatively available without fragrance to just neutralise offensive odours.

ONE UP - Heavy Duty Carpet / Upholstery Cleaner

ONE-UP has been developed for use through all hot and cold water extraction cleaning machines and incorporates an excellent fabric brightener, bactericide and anti foam. A highly effective carpet cleaner disinfectant for removing urine and body fluid odours completely and permanently.

ORANGE WASH - Solvent Degreaser & Bitumen Cleaner

ORANGE WASH is a selective blend of powerful degreasing solvents formulated for the ever increasing
demand, for a safer and more environmental friendly replacement of high hazardous chemical.

OVERDRIVE - Long Lasting Car Polish

OVER DRIVE is a new high gloss wax, designed for all motor vehicle bodies including cellulose, synthetic, twin pack, metallic fibreglass, perspex, plastic and glass

OVERTAKE - Hard Micro-Crystalline Waxes

OVER-TAKE is a new formula of extremely HARD MICRO-CRYSTALLINE WAXES and silicones combined in a unique blend of powerful cleaning agents within the waxes which produces a FAST, DEEP SHINE quickly.
With a surprising ease of application and removal.

PIT STOP - Brake, Clutch & Carburettor Cleaner

PIT STOP is a powerful multi purpose cleaner with a fast controlled evaporation rate. Instant
degreasing properties which leave surface completely free of residue.
PIT STOP quickly dampens all brake dust.

POLISH MIT - Microfibre Polishing Mit

The Microfibre Mitt is a professional car care accessory that will give your bodywork a high performance finish! The unique microfibre weave lifts dust and dirt with ease giving your car a deep clean and polish with ease.

RE-HIDE-DRATE - Self Activating Leather Cleaner

RE-HIDE-DRATE is a selected blend of the finest quality leather conditioners and protectors, formulated to give a fast penetrating conditioning food to all leathers - i.e. Leather car interiors - leather jackets - leather suites, including motorcycle suits and leather furniture.

REDRESS - Cockpit Cleaner

A gloss cockpit spray that gives a professional showroom shine to all internal car surfaces in seconds.
Contains silicone to resist dust repostion and keep your car cleaner for longer.

Available in NEW CAR fragrance or STRAWBERRY to keep your car smelling clean.

REVIVE - Perfumed Vinyl & Rubber Dressing

REVIVE is a SILICONE based formulation designed for the treatment of interior vinyl & rubber
surfaces in all make of vehicles and vinyl furnishings.

REVIVE has a very pleasant perfume centered around the new car range of fragrances.

RINSE 'N' PROTECT - Auto Wax Rinse

RINSE ‘N’ PROTECT is a highly concentrated wax additive which provides an invisible polymer coating
to vehicles giving incredible shine and protection.
Water will bead and roll off the vehicle surface.

Safety Scraper

Pocket size holder, blade retracts into holder for safety when not in use

Safety Scraper Replacement Blades

Replacement blades for

  •  Safety Scraper

Unit Size: 1x100

SATIN BLACK - Premium High Opacity Paint

Tygris Acrylic-based top-coat paints and primers can be used for a professional finish
on most substrates with exceptional ease of use, resulting in a high quality appearance.

SEE THRU - Silicone Free Glass & Mirror Cleaner

SEE THRU uses a shear stress formulation along with rheology technology to produce a clinging liquid gel spray with superior cleaning power and benets. Clings to surface allowing user plenty of
time to push the product around the surface to leave behind a sparkling streak-free finish and a saving of 50% product used. Anti-static and anti-microbial barrier forms on the surface meaning that re-deposition of dirt, grease, etc is greatly reduced.

SHINY STUFF - Pour / Spray On Hi Shine

SHINY STUFF is a chemically engineered hi-shine treatment formulated for speed and ease of use.
Leaves behind a unrivalled mirror like shine.

SILICONE LUBRICANT - Heavy Duty Release Agent

A heavy duty mould release agent with a 15% silicone content used for the release of more difficult plastic mouldings. Safe, colourless and non-staining it is useful as a lubricant around the workplace, and is temperature stable up to 300°C.

Silver Wheel - Aerosol Spray Paint

A ready to use aerosol spray paint for quickly renovating neglected areas of vehicles that is fast drying
and leaves a professional finish.

SOS BODY SHOP - Anti Static Wipe & Silicone Remover

S.O.S (Spot On Solvent) is a powerful cleaning formulation designed for a single stage degreasing, de-waxing and silicone removal from all bodywork to be painted. Including plastic, rubber and fibre glass.
S.O.S has a controlled evaporation rate with instant cleaning properties which leaves surfaces completely free of residue and static charge.


SPOTLIGHT is an effective and very economical TFR designed to be used with hot or cold pressure washers, floor scrubbing machines and brush washing applications including manual
pre-spraying. Available with added foaming agents for a deeper clean or available with added shine for that showroom finish.

SWIPE - Exterior Car Bumper Gel

SWIPE is a high gloss, ready to use gel that is ideal for the renovation of exterior plastics, it is easy to apply with good economical coverage leaving behind a long life and waterproof finish.

TAR FOE - Tar / Adhesive Remover

TAR-FOE is a special blend of solvents and emulsifers used for the removal of most adhesives, tar,
under-seal, grease, carbon, bitumen and many other tenacious products.

TRAFFIC - Premium Heavy Duty TFR

TRAFFIC is a highly concentrated powerful detergent design for the removal of traffic film,
oil and grease from vehicle exteriors. This super strength formula is suitable for use on vehicle
bodies, chassis, engines and trailer curtains.
Highly concentrated which makes this product highly economical in use therefore an ideal
product for haulage or car wash companies.
Achieves a new car look with minimal effort.

Turbo - Ready to use Degreaser & Booster

TURBO is fast acting non alkaline very powerful ready to use degreaser, developed for engine
re-manufactures that require clean,dry surfaces to work on.

UPHOLSTERY - Foam and Fabric Cleaner

UPHOLSTERY FOAM AND FABRIC CLEANER is a aerosol fabric cleaner that lifts grime and grease with ease whilst leaving behind no odour and being safe to use on all surfaces.

VENERATE - Non-Acid Alloy Wheel Cleaner

VENERATE offers the safe removal of brake dust, traffic film and tarnish, from all types of wheel.
Added foaming agents adds prolonged cling creating a greater contact time, Setting it aside from
the competition.

VINSOL - Adhesive Remover & Degreaser

Called the shopkeepers assistant due to its multiple uses.
A highly concentrated Adhesive remover and Degreaser that once diluted becomes highly effective
and economical in use.

Wash Mitt - Cotton Wash Mitt

•  An extra soft cotton wash mitt which is great for washing paint and glass on cars.

•  Easy to wash and use again and again

•  Mitts can also be used as dusters on wood, paint, glass, and many other surfaces.

WWW - Waterless Wash 'N' Wax

Ultra clean finish with a lasting shine and durable protection. Designed for use on ALL hard surfaces including paint, glass, chrome, gel coat & fibreglass.
WWW cleans, seals, polishes & protects in one easy step without the use of water.

XT20 - The ultimate in liquid chemistry

XT20 is a new specially formulated concentrated germicidal cleaner designed to breakdown and remove in-organic salts and chemical deposits that are hard and often impossible to remove with normal chemicals.
XT20 has been developed to obtain successful results from a variety of surfaces. Also effective
on use in abattoirs and the food processing due to its germicidal and germ kill properties.

our exclusive range of cleaning products


Continuous research and development ensures our range of professional automotive cleaning products are the best in the business whether you are a distributor, valet or end user.


Simple Solutions are a leading manufacturer of professional industrial cleaning chemicals. Our concentration on creating chemicals that work first time every time makes us the right choice for you.

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We offer a wide range of raw materials for all your cleaning needs.

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